Thursday, February 3, 2011

Follow Through

I finished the projects earlier, but am working on my next projects.
Here are some uploads (FINALLY!) though!

This project is a book cover for...
... K. Shellhouse (a classmate). Graphic Design Exercise.

Book Summary: Born in a small Ohio town, K. Shellhouse still can't help but to dream big. With a Science teacher dad, a Guidance Counselor mom, and a History major brother, K. somehow becomes the odd one out as the lover of graphic design. On his trip to England, K. finds himself bonding with the famous London Underground. This rapid transit system can go anywhere. Where will he find himself going though? As Kevin journeys to new and exciting places, he struggles to find his place in life while staying true to who he is underneath it all.

(these are just some photos of it in printed form). The medium is watercolor with added elements and text from Indesign.
The underground pathways/tunnels are actually drawn the way the actual Underground paths are represented on its map. I also tinted the iconic red circle and blue bar of the Underground sign on the book title. The back shows the silhouette of some stair rails leading underground and the Underground sign next to it. When I interviewed K., he seemed most interested in his recent trip to London and Paris and was particularly interested in the London Underground. Of course I took the metaphorical approach of comparing the Underground's ability to take one "everywhere" to K.'s life able to go to so many different paths and how he needs to "find himself" while staying true to who he is on the inside (or "underneath it all).

This project is an illustration for...
... They Draw and Cook. An illustration for a Twisted Shirley Temple recipe. The medium is watercolor with a bit of color manipulation on Photoshop.
The illustration didn't come out quite as I had hoped. The color changed a bit when I uploaded it onto the computer, so I had to manipulate it a bit. I also had a struggle wanting to add more detail to the umbrellas and drink, but at the same time did not want the text to be too hard to read. Also, I debated on doing hand written text verses text from the computer, but I had more votes on the handwritten so that's what I went with (but am still unsure whether I "agree" with how it came out). I love the girl's curls though and wish I could've incorporated that detail more on the right side of the illustration. This shirley temple is "twisted" because my recipe adds a nice ginger syrup that adds a bit of a kick to it.