Monday, April 30, 2012

Posts of Colored Layouts (Sr. Proj.)

Hey all! Just a recap, my senior project is of a fifteen page illustrated children's book on four fables (based on the fox character) of the out of copyright text "Aesop in Rhyme." The dimensions of the book is 10" high x 8" wide (so 10" high x 16" wide when open as a full spread).

Here are images of the layouts in color (images of the finalized pieces with text will be added in a short while). The original art work has a bluer background, which was fairly light. Since I wasn't sure if I liked the blue "sky" background or not I chose to leave it out for the most part.

Luckily, I was allowed to turn in the bound version of the book Friday along with my process work so I'll be posting images of the finished/bound book later as well.

Back and Front Cover

Pg. 01

Pg. 02-03

Pg. 04-05

Pg. 06-07

Pg. 08-09

Pg. 10-11

Pg. 12-13

Pg. 14-15

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