Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Jr Weekend

Sorry I'm a tad late, but I will indeed upload my projects as I finish them. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


SO! I'm working on a few things at the moment, including... drum roll please... a recipe! I promise to update soon with some works! Either... the re-do of my Illustration 1 piece or the new one I'm working on in my Illustration 2 class (whichever has been worked on the most).

Wish me luck! Expect something soon!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jr Yr (Fall semester) Piece

This project is a feature illustration for the article...
...Grackles Raise Hackles (by Christine Ennulat)! The medium is watercolor.
This article is about flocks of grackles that sound like "rusty hinge[s]". The point of the project is to portray sounds (specifically unpleasant ones in this case). I'm pretty happy with it overall. I think the colors are a bit clearer in person, or that could be just me seeing things (I'm not sure).

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Here we go

Currently in the middle of packing up my things for the upcoming Spring semester. Around this time in general, I'm working on completely re-doing one of my projects from Fall semester. The project is based on a location (Cleveland's West Side Market). It must be a collage even though I somewhat loathe (yes I used "loathe") collages. Though I recently found an inspiring collage artist so maybe it'll turn out with some promise. I can only hope.
It'll be posted once I'm finished with it (hopefully soon, but one never knows with classes about to begin). After the Location Project, I'm going to set my goal to fixing up my previous works for Junior Review and (somehow) find the time to work on a personal project. I just need to figure out what that personal project will be. Decisions decisions...


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some things from 1st Semester Jr Year

This project was to portray a word through illustration. The word is...
...fragile! The medium is ink wash (with pen and ink).
The three stronger chicks are literally crushing the weaker, fragile one as they step over it to clamor for more food for themselves. Their necks stretch out to reach with all of their strength for the sustenance denied the dying chick. The three chicks' large body masses and more active gaping mouths are to represent their endurance in contrast to the prostrate chick's fragility.
I'm intending to work on this one a bit more to thicken the three chicks' necks for further emphasis of muscle equaling strength and vitality. The scoop at the bottom was to reference a nest, but I'm planning on possibly going in digitally to super-impose actual nesting twigs/branches for texture and clarity.

This project was to develop a cover for a tea bag. The holiday tea flavor is...

...pumpkin spice! The medium includes acrylic and watercolor (collage).
I'm planning on going in to promote more value contrast. I will also add in the text of the actual flavor name, most likely through curving the pumpkin vines into letters. The image of the pumpkin girl content in her pouffy clothes and wrapped up vines was to signify warmth against a chilly seasonal night (implying the tea to be warm and comforting), but the cold blue background seems to offset the feeling of warmth too much. I might want to clarify the pumpkin vines as well as they might be too difficult to read.

This project was to provide a feature illustration to an article. The short story title is...
... The Praying Mantis (by Deborah Corey)! The medium includes watercolor and pen and ink.
The story is about Laura the waitress to the Hinky Dinky Diner. She has been described as disgusting ugly (with a face comparative to a camel). There is one scene in the story where one customer, an older man with a fake eye, who appears to have romantic affections for Laura comes in and she takes his remarks as sarcastic and therefore mean. She ends up chopping up her prized praying mantis into his cheeseburger. He eats it all despite his apparent knowledge of his food being tampered with. When she cleans up his plate after he leaves, she finds his fake eye among the crumbs.
The illustration I made for this was to portray her decision making in sacrificing her mantis. She goes off to the dingy bathroom of the rundown diner to contemplate using her only form of companionship to ruin the possibility of having a more meaningful kind of companionship. The killing of her mantis to get back at this man is to symbolize her rejection of companionship. The backdrop of the years of slanderous graffiti on the bathroom stall walls confines her and restricts her in trusting others.
I'll most likely put darker shadows against the toilet bowl and add a messier complication of graffiti to the stall walls.

Testing 1, 2, 3...?

HERE'S TO A START! Bear with me on this as I try to upload my work while keeping up with it in school!
In the mean time, here are some old works from my college sophomore year (2009-2010).
Hopefully, I'll be able to post more interesting works at a later date!

Some old works from Illustration Techniques 1

Branches and string. Medium: Pencil.

Perspective. Medium: Ink.

Perspective. Medium: Ink.

Cloth Folds. Medium: Ink.

Some old works from Illustration Techniques 2

Fruit Spot. Medium: Ink.

Collage (ChromaticGray_Narrow). Medium: Watercolor.

Collage (Muted_Narrow). Medium: Watercolor.

Collage (CombinedSaturation_Broad). Medium: Watercolor.

Bug Spot (scorpion_YG-RO-BV). Medium: Watercolor.

Greeting Card (garden & friendship theme_RO-R-RV). Medium: Watercolor.

Bird Spot (barnowl_YO-BG-RV). Medium: Watercolor (collage).