Saturday, March 24, 2012

Past Due Update

Here are some (admittedly poor) scans of the sketches I've done for one of the fables. This is past due (and I've got some other works ahead of this), but this is what I've got on the computer and can upload for the blog so far.

I planned on knowing where to insert the type (made a layout for it in InDesign) before I finalized the sketches and color it in.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Here are some screenshots of the presentation on my progress so far:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Small Update

So my Revised (Revised) Senior Project Proposal passed!!! Yay! Look forward to a bunch of foxes! So far I have worked on breaking up the text and it looks like the illustrated children's book will have five fables and eighteen illustrated pages. I have researched a reference file for red foxes and drew up a bunch of foxes just to get me more familiar with the animal (pictures of the sketches will be posted later as I find a method of uploading since I don't have a scanner). I also drew a couple of the foxes in old english clothing (I have sketches of old english clothing for men and women I will also (later) post. I tried a quick color version of one of the foxes with marker and am debating on using a similar style with acrylic paint. The next phase is to draw some base sketches of the book layout (get a good idea of what illustrations will be on each page). I have already marked out a few notes as three fables will have three illustrations each, one fable having four illustrations,and another having five illustrations. So far, only one fable has a full spread illustration, but I am planning on changing that since it would be a more interesting break up if there were more full spreads interspersed among single page illustrations. I'm thinking of connecting some of the single page ones together in a way that a visible action can be seen so the pages are linked together through movement. I'll have a better example of that (a visible one) later as I work on it.

Monday is my first presentation day so I am hoping to get a lot more done by then. It's unfortunate that the revisions for my proposals took up so much time, but I'm still feeling very positive about it!