Monday, April 30, 2012

Final Presentation (Sr. Proj.)

These are just the screenshots of my final presentation I had for the project (again, the process book and final bound version will be turned in later - images of it will also be posted at a later date).
Images of the final pieces for the book are included.

Posts of Colored Layouts (Sr. Proj.)

Hey all! Just a recap, my senior project is of a fifteen page illustrated children's book on four fables (based on the fox character) of the out of copyright text "Aesop in Rhyme." The dimensions of the book is 10" high x 8" wide (so 10" high x 16" wide when open as a full spread).

Here are images of the layouts in color (images of the finalized pieces with text will be added in a short while). The original art work has a bluer background, which was fairly light. Since I wasn't sure if I liked the blue "sky" background or not I chose to leave it out for the most part.

Luckily, I was allowed to turn in the bound version of the book Friday along with my process work so I'll be posting images of the finished/bound book later as well.

Back and Front Cover

Pg. 01

Pg. 02-03

Pg. 04-05

Pg. 06-07

Pg. 08-09

Pg. 10-11

Pg. 12-13

Pg. 14-15

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Here are the layouts inked and ready for color. (Some of the images may look a little warped since these are photos, so it's not that the lines aren't straight, it's just that the image might not be)

2nd (3rd?) Post of Layouts

Here's another post on the re-drawn/cleaned-up line drawings and placement of the text. Unfortunately, I've been feeling really busy working on these so (even though the posts should have been more spread out) I'm trying to make up for it by posting now with the work I've been doing.

Layouts Again

These are pics of the type put over the areas that they should be within the layout. The space for the text should be decreased and the images increased. This is already done and the pics of the re-drawn work will be posted in a bit.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Presentation 02

Here are a few screenshots of the 2nd presentation on my progress for my senior project...

I know, I need to work on the type (I only just started placing it into the illustration). I left too much space for the text because I was worried about not having enough space. So now I have to enlarge the illustrations to fix that (and also make the illustrations the primary aspect).